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Why get your wheels refurbished/powder coated?


Corrosion and damage paint on alloy wheels can ruin the appearance of your car, as well as reducing the value.  This is why almost all garages and dealerships have the wheels refurbished on the vehicles they are selling - they want to sell quickly and for the best price.  Corroded wheels and damaged paint can also lead to a poor tyre seal, causing a "slow puncture" effect, reducing safety and fuel efficiency.  Getting your wheels refurbished at PT  Powder Coating ltd will ensure your wheels look stunning again, and as we use a powder coating process, it means they will stay looking stunning for a long time!

The refurbishment process

Our process is not a quick fix, where small areas of paint damage are treated individually or the wheel face is quickly painted over.  To ensure a lasting and durable finish, our process involves:

Remove tyres, valves and weights Chemical strip to remove all old paint , Media blast to ensure a clean surface for paint to adhere to Chemical preparation to ensure longevity of finish Powder coat in special automotive primer Cure powder in curing oven Repeat powder and cure stages for colour and lacquer - Then we Refit tyres New values  and balance

It is by following this process we can confidently offer our 12 month guaranteeon all wheels refurbished.  You may find a cheaper job, but you won't find a better one!

What we do.
 Acid tank all alloys an all items  we coat

Remove kerb marks.

Repair blistering and bubbling paint.

Repair flaking paint and lacquer.

Repair corrosion.

Colour Changes.

Offer a drive in service

 We only use the very best powders for Germany and the USA- for the  best finish

 We have multiple alloys on show-to show you the end product- call in pick your new colour- you won't be disappointed  !!

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